Hiking in Nerja

You can hike perfectly in Nerja, Andalusie has a beautiful nature. The most pleasing mountains, pretty blue lakes, rivers right through the rough landscape, nice views and olive gardens for as far as you can see them. The white mountain villages are built against the mountains, causing the most beautiful view on the surrounding area. It looks like time stood still in these villages. It has very pretty squares and sweet terraces where you can enjoy tapas. You can find magnificent beaches on the Costa with a lot of beach clubs like Bora Bora. Andalusie has everything you have ever wanted from a vacation.


An adventurous hike in Rio Chillar

You can do a lot of beautiful hiking in the surroundings of Nerja. One of them is the hike in Rio Chillar. You start this hike on the beach Playa El Playazo, where the river begins. If you want to take a shorter route, you can park your car at the old cement factory. You can find the factory if you follow the road next to the river from the neighborhoud Almijara.

At the beginning of the hike, the riverbed is quite wide. The river banks are nicely grown and here and there you can find small caves. The more you follow the river, the narrower the riverbed will get and the more beautiful the nature gets. At one point you will get your feet wet, and eventually you will be to your knees in the river. On the way you can find swimming pools to relax in and therefore this is a very fun route to walk with children.